Importance of UI/UX design

Building an application on any platform or at any scale needs considerable amount time spend into user interface (UI) and user experience design (UX). It is so critical component of any application as it gives the users a way to interact with the application more effectively.

For non tech users, often it is common way to identify elements on the screen and understand their functions with just a wink of an eye.

Designing a more user friendly UI is the key to improve the UX to the optimal point that it is can grab the attention of potential users.

Customer satisfaction

When it comes to mobile app development it is always the role of customers that takes the precedence over other things. This means right from the function specification to the layout of mobile apps, it is done to satisfy the mobile user. Why it is so? Because most of the 21-century developments are put into smart phones and it has got a reasonable user space in the market.

The more appealing the UI is to the user, the more user experience (UX) is exposed from the user in the form of usage feedbacks. Often it is the best way to grab the attention of the user to look into the app with simple UI/UX designs to look as different one among tons of mobile apps in the app market.

Better interface design

This is more than just layout or CSS styling, but more into the placement of functions on the screen. It can be as simple as the small icon or a ribbon or a drop down menu, depending on the usage of that particular function.

The easier the navigation is the quicker and more often the feature of the apps are used by the user. So, it is not easy to get it at first time, so a lot of permutation and combinations are needed to find the good it for these navigations to work out effectively.

Reduced updates

It is often the case where, the user must update any app every now and then to keep it functional and updated with current features or changes in UI design. This can be a negative effect from users point of view which means they need to constantly back up or lose some of the routine app usage patterns of the user on their mobile.

So the lesser the UI updates the more likely it is going to reach the users laterally, because a new user will always see what a long term user sees while your app gets installed for the first time on their mobile devices.

Brand value

Building a brand value is not a simple task and it is often the case that you need to keep up with your promises in the form of features in your app to keep them convinced about the necessity of your app on their mobile devices. So, UX places a crucial role is either building or improving your brand value among users.

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