IoT Enabled Mobile apps

The new face of internet is on the go, internet of things (IoT) is the next big thing that is about to happen and get the most attention of people. Consumer IoTs is the promising space to work on and make handy applications using IoT enabled solution to reach the next big boom in this upcoming market.

Build IoT apps to make a smarter utilization of mobile devices that includes smart watches, android or iOS devices, smart television capable of a smarter way of integrating with our daily life. These devices make the world a new place to live with a pool of intelligent devices hanging around every corner of your home.

Smart Home

IoT has the power to change the way we enter our homes provides greater security while we are not physically present in our home. Smart home is typically a home surrounded by smart IoT enabled devices that can be things like smart lights, smart air conditioner, smart plug or smart devices capable of interacting with users.

To carry out this interaction with users, these devices use a form of communication called the Internet of things network that makes a local network of things inside our homes and listens to instructs posted to them using our home Wi-Fi network.

A practical view of how a smart home will function starts from the basic security systems that are placed outdoors, which no more needs a physical key but just an app on your mobile phone. It can be a simple voice command using an app on your mobile phone to switch on things at your home without any physical movement.

IoT integration into mobile app

 The impact of IoT can be felt greatly when it is integrated into the mobile devices that are most popular among people. It is seen to have a greater influence on people since its market has increased in recent years. The penetration is seen at 66% since 2017, and it is maximum under the age group of 18-24.

This likely trend in the mobile usage makes it possible to keep the build more reliable IoT enabled mobile apps that has the potential for usage among not just upcoming generation but also in the greater area of mobile device consumer base.

Additionally, the integration pays good value for improving the productivity of the users for whom it is designed for and keeps them more productive than before. It can also reduce the cost and improve system performance by automation of things at various levels and ease real time solutions.

The real time applications like hospital patient monitoring system, iBeacon used in stores to locate items, and the most promising home automation segment are the most benefitted with absolute integration of IoT elements into a mobile app.

Market expansion

Building mobile apps that has a wider use among all available mobile platforms opens new avenues for exploration of the extent of impact that IoT has in almost all other markets. We see a narrow space of IoT now-a-days with less expansion happening, but this is about to change in the days to come with the accumulation of the data collected from these nodal devices. This needs a better way of handling data and deriving insights which is often called the ‘analytics of data’.

IoT is the next big thing happening in the home, industry and market automation spaces which is made possible via mobile application development.

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