Node.js or PHP which is better for your next project?

It is the most common question that every developer or any person who wishes to develop a website for their domain encounters at the very first time. Also, because it has equal familiarity in the developer as well as in the user space. Choosing between them might help you scale your web app better in the future.

Here we will discuss some of the key elements that are common among the two server-side scripting languages. Upon which we shall see which help you build your next web project accordingly.

PHP is a familiar language that has been on the internet for a long time and has a 70% influence in internet technology while Node.js is the latest technology in the web space powering up real-time web apps.

Application point of view

Building dynamic apps using Node.js is easier and less cumbersome as it renders quicker and makes the page more responsive. Node.js is most preferred for building apps that have frequent client-server interaction.

On the other hand, PHP is good for less client interaction apps and is comparatively slower due to the synchronous execution of code. PHP is capable of developing huge web apps that consumes more CPU power typically required for scientific apps.

Node.js uses the asynchronous mode of development that allows it to put less work-load on the web apps thereby reducing page load time.


Security is a major concern when it comes to looking at web app and it is a factor to be considered for a hosting web apps.

PHP has been for a long time and has greater compatibility due to the LAMP stack integration ability. While Node,js needs a runtime environment to run and compile code, a SmartOS system is a good way to start implementing apps development using Node.js.

Since, PHP uses a LAMP stack it is considered less secure while Node.js is compatible to run on any Platform-as-a-service setup such as Heroku and Nodejitsu to host Node.js apps.

Database preference

Being a predecessor to Node.js, PHP is capable of handling traditional and relational databases like MariaDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL. But it isn’t compatible with NoSQL as it is not the most considered option in the industry.

Node.js has the capability to work with any SQL databases, and there is shift towards its ability to work with NoSQL databases in the coming days.

A short note on the database consideration is that NoSQL has less injection attacks comparatively with other SQL databases.

Which is better?

It comes to a clear point where we can see that PHP and Node.js second to each other as they are designed to serve a different purpose.

For building quick load time apps that are more interactive with the clients and don’t need a separate hosting space and can be embedded on the web page, Node.js is the better choice to consider.

Moreover, if you are planning to build a massive web application that needs more CPU power and need a separate hosting space, PHP can be a good choice to go with as it has got a whole host of frameworks available in the community to build large apps effectively.

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