Trending Cross Platform App development

Mobile Apps are the evolving platform to meet new customers and build a whole new range of social media applications. Not just limited to the social media applications but other categories such as productivity, entertainment and many more has got enormous potential to make new applications available for the mobile app consumer market.

The problem is that with a large number of platforms and brands offering wide range of features, overwhelming to the extent of over-matched expectations, the development of apps for such platforms are not as easy as it were before.

Flutter vs React Native

The most trending apps that help address this issue of variety in mobile platforms and diverse development packages is the cross-platform app. Using cross platform development tools like Flutter and React Native, developing mobile friendly native apps are easier than ever.

Flutter is a google product serving the cross-platform development market and great features such as native like UI rendering on iOS and Android. Build exceptionally highly user friendly and user engaging mobile UI using Flutter themes and widgets to add customized look and functionality to your projects.

React Native is a similar kind of product in the cross-platform development space allowing developers to effective applications with minimal lines of code. React native works with Java script framework which makes it easier to build apps with minimal training.

Code reusability

In both of the cross-platform development tools it is often seen that code re-usability is the key for their effective usage among the developers.

Developers face hard time when building native quality mobile apps that has the look and feel of the native devices for which an app is developed. The re-use of code makes it possible to keep code utilized to its fullest potential.

Develop, Design and Test seamlessly with a single code based and deploy apps in all available platforms without any efforts to custom build for each platform.

Build with a handful of resources

More than the time to develop mobile apps for different apps, it is often seen difficult to get the right talent to work on the different set of development tools specific to any platform.

The practice of cross platform development makes it possible to work with a handful of skilled resources efficient to build, test and deploy the apps for different platforms.

Faster time to market

The unified way of development has made it possible to reduce the time for development for different platforms and has improved the productivity of the development process.

Using tools such as Flutter, it allows developers with less platform specific development exposure to build and deploy apps into any specified platform with ease. It also allows to focus on the quality, features of the product with less worry on the actual development of the apps for different platforms.

Code once and deploy across multiple platforms practice is a dynamic tool to keep productivity and functionalities of the application competent enough to gain market attraction for your mobile application.

Often, it is not just the technical expertise that makes an app successful in the market, but other inherent factors such as aesthetics, user experience and simplicity of the application are the key to reach out to your prospective customers.

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